Raw Food. Is it Healthy for Your Pet?

August 24, 2020

Like many people, you probably feed your pet wet food, dry food, or a combination of the both.

Like many people, you probably feed your pet wet food, dry food, or a combination of the both. While these two varieties are great, feeding your pet raw food as a substitute or supplement to wet or dry food pertains to a whole range of benefits that can help keep your pet healthy & happy. 

Is It Safe? Cats & dogs have been consuming meat as an essential part of their diet for hundreds of years. As natural scavengers, their bodies are well equipped to deal with any bacteria that may be present on the meat - their antibacterial saliva & powerful digestive tract are designed to ingest food and kill bacteria quickly. 

In fact, your dog is more likely to fall ill as a result of processed pet food as compared to natural, free range raw meat like our Premi-Yum chicken medallions. 

Is It Any Better Than Regular Pet Food? As well as being a natural and normal diet for pets, raw foods can actually have an incredibly positive impact on your pets physical health. Improved oral hygiene, strengthened immune system, improved weight control, increased energy, as well as improved overall health & quality of their coat are all natural beneficiaries of the nutritious & protein rich raw food diet. 

In cases of older pets, the raw food diet has been shown to actually improve their ability to deal with ailments like irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, infections, diabetes & more. 

Behavioural Benefits Not only will this healthy & nutritious diet improve the physical health of your pet, but as a result of this, certain behaviours may drastically improve. With your pet getting the required nutrients they need to sustain themselves from a raw food diet, they’re less likely to incessantly beg for food or try and steal from you. 

The additives, chemicals, flavourings & colourings found in processed pet food have also been shown to increase hyperactive tendencies in pets, so a change to a raw food diet can often lead to a calmer, more relaxed & happy pet. 

And we know if your pet’s happy, you’re happy.