Raw, natural, free range protein for pets

Premi-Yum is packed with the natural protein, calcium and vital amino acids every animal needs.

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Where to buy?

Find us in the chilled section of the pet food aisle at your local supermarket.

Shinier coats, skin & teeth

High calcium intake is good for dental health, as well as bone and meat content being good for sharpening and cleaning teeth.

Increased energy levels

Having protein-based diets in the wild, pets have adapted to utilise protein for their energy requirements, getting quicker energy from raw natural foods.

Improved diet & weight control

The natural water content of raw meat aids calorie absorption. Through a highly nutritious diet, pets may not overeat when not being fed.

Strengthened immune systems

Fresh, raw food contains enzymes that aid in digestion. Premi-Yum contains antioxidants and vitamins in their natural, more absorbable form.

Our range

Premi-Yum Meals
Slow Cooked Chicken Meals

Complete & balanced

Pet nutritionist approved

Human grade ingredients

Selected Supermarkets

Fee Range Chicken mince

2kg of premium-grade chicken mince

No-mess resealable pack

High in natural protein and calcium

Selected Supermarkets


Since transitioning our Golden Retriever to a raw diet with Premi-Yum he has had nothing but great health.  He's more sprightly, energetic and happy. His teeth look like they've been cleaned and he's lost weight which helps with his arthritis.


Owner of Leo

Love how I can feed my dog pre-portioned medallions straight from the packet without making a mess. I'm extremely lucky Premi-Yum does all the hard work for me!


Owner of Ziggy

I have been feeding my dog Premi-Yum since he was a puppy and couldn't be happier with the brand. He loves eating it and its comforting to know he is getting good quality, Australian-made products.


Owner of Alfie

Absolutely the best! I've raw fed for a long time but this product takes all the hassle out. My two cavoodles are perfect weight, have amazing coats and lick their bowls clean after every meal.


Owner of Bella & Lola